Avril is a professional vocal coach and singing teacher with a

private practice in Battle, East Sussex. She also teaches online

and runs specialist workshops.

Avril works with a wide variety of genres, specialising in

musical theatre and contemporary commercial music. She

trains professional performers, as well as those just starting

out on their singing journey. Students include well known

performers in the music, film and television industry.


She has been coaching and developing the voices of adults

and children for a number of years. Some students have gone

on to use their voices professionally, whilst others just want to

sing for fun.

Whatever your age or level, Avril believes it is important to

learn how to use your instrument in a healthy way that

benefits you the most. Make the sound you want to make

rather than take pot luck. Beginners are welcome in the studio.

Avril’s Ethos

I tailor my lessons to meet the needs and goals of each

student. Having originally trained as a classical singer I was

keen to explore the diversity of the voice and that led me to a

deeper study of vocal anatomy and physiology, in other words

the ‘science’ behind singing. I discovered that using specific

exercises we really can train the voice to be more flexible and

access a variety of vocal qualities. This vocal variety is

essential to meet the demands of modern musical theatre and

contemporary music. I have made it my mission to continue

with voice research and use this knowledge for the benefit of

my students.

As part of my ongoing studies I am currently working on my

master’s degree in voice pedagogy with the University of

Wales Trinity St David and Voice Workshop.

As well as gaining teaching qualifications in the performing

arts and drama I have attended numerous voice workshops,

courses and conferences. I have also earned the Estill Voice

International Certificate of Figure Proficiency (CFP) and am a

member of the Association of Teachers of Singing.

Vocal health is very important and with young voices it is

wise to cultivate GOOD habits and take the necessary care

with a voice that is still developing.

I have run two successful children’s performing arts schools

for 18 years. So am very experienced in working with


I am available to provide teacher training on a 1-2-1 or group

basis for teachers who would like to deepen their

understanding of working with young voices.

I have Enhanced DBS, First Aid, Child Protection and

Insurance Certificates.